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Bio-Source is proud to be a distributor for the manufacturer of a unique biodispersant product that is truly, a “specialty chemical.” AMSA, Inc.® is an American company based out of Michigan that manufactures and promotes one specialty chemistry, DTEA II™ (Didecylthioethylamine). This product is a multifunctional water treatment additive specifically developed for applications in open recirculating cooling, closed loop cooling and once through cooling systems; it is also an effective biodispersant when used in oil production and oil/gas injection water systems. DTEA II™ is the baseline component of a Biofilm Control Program (BCP™) product line designed to achieve scale and corrosion inhibition, and eliminate biofilm by working synergistically in conjunction with a non-oxidizing biocide such as DBNPA. As a dispersing agent, when combined with a biocide, DTEA II™ penetrates and disperses organic deposits allowing the biocide to reach microorganisms buried in the biofilm. Thus, resulting in a highly-efficient biocidal action and ultimately, lower operating costs due to reduced biocide requirements.

DTEA II™ is designed for small to medium sized (< 250 Refrigeration Tons) cooling systems; and it serves a niche role in that, it simplifies cooling water formulations because of its ability to penetrate, clean and disperse organic deposits. It can however, be utilized in larger systems in order to extend scale and corrosion inhibitor packages. This chemistry is stable in systems with high pH and high organic load, and in systems with high levels of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Furthermore, DTEA II™ is extremely effective in the removal and prevention of inorganic elemental sulfur deposits.

AMSA, Inc.’s BCP™ product line is made up of highly effective “green” chemistries. These products are Phosphorus-free and are readily biodegradable; thus, reducing environmental impact and allowing process plants to operate within regulated effluent guidelines. Outlined below are the various forms of DTEA II™. Samples are available upon request.

DTEA II™ (15% & 30%)

An aqueous solution in varying concentrations for use as a biodispersant, penetrant, and cleaner for applications in industrial cooling systems.

DTEA II™ SR (Slow Release Tablet)

This is a solid formulation of the DTEA II chemistry, and is designed for cooling systems with high biocide demand, high pH, high solids, and receive minimal monitoring.

DTEA II™ SR Plus SC (Slow Release Tablet)

A slow-release solid formulation of DTEA II biodispersant with added scale and corrosion inhibitors to control organic deposits in cooling tower waters.

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