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Bio-Source, Inc.     Dacula, Georgia

Bio-Source, Inc. was founded in January of 1991, and is located in Dacula, Georgia (north and east of Atlanta). Since then, the business has grown considerably and is now one of the leading suppliers of water treatment chemicals in the United States. For the majority of our tenure, Bio-Source’s primary market focus has been the commercial and industrial water treatment industries; supplying water treatment chemicals to service companies seeded in boiler and cooling water maintenance. As industry and technology have evolved (it seems exponentially at times), so have we. Alongside providing cooling water and boiler treatment chemicals, we have worked to establish our company and increase its position in the marketplace in other industries where the usage of water, as a commodity, is the driving force for improving a company’s bottom-line; not to mention, the collective responsibility we all have to the sustainability of Earth. We have a full line of EPA registered microbicides and raw materials that are utilized in the Boiler, Process and Cooling Water, Wastewater, Reverse Osmosis, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Metalworking, Lubricants, Paints & Coatings, and Food industries.

Over the years, Bio-Source has grown and we consider ourselves to be very blessed to work with outstanding service companies and chemical manufacturers throughout the U.S. Bio-Source is a family owned and operated business; and is headed up by its founder and president, John Lyle. With over 35 years of experience in industrial water treatment, he is widely known by colleagues and customers alike, as an expert in the field. By both, his technical expertise and Bio-Source’s unsurpassed commitment to customer service and business integrity, the company has established many working relationships that have lasted for years. The success and growth we’ve achieved as a company hasn’t come from merely “taking orders” and selling products. We’ve succeeded in business because our customers have succeeded in business. Even though Bio-Source provides services and products to some of the largest water treatment companies in the U.S., our approach to earning your business is unwavering no matter the size of the company.


“We believe our success is a direct result of our customer’s success. We know that success can ONLY be achieved and sustained by that of our partners, as well. Our goal is to further our presence in the marketplace among water treatment service companies and chemical manufacturers as the leading distributor and supplier of biocides and raw materials for the various water treatment industries. Our focus will ALWAYS be to provide our customers with the highest quality in customer service, support, and products.”

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