The Ideal Treatment For Legionella Bacteria

Legionella Bacteria

Legionella Bacteria

When treating a cooling tower, it’s important to have the right chemicals to protect the system from bacteria that can create liabilities and harm people. Recently, New York implemented the first law ever requiring the inspection and treatment of water cooling towers. We know that more states are following suit. When it comes to appropriate water treatment, you need the right chemicals in the right form. Bio-Source now offers Dichlor 56, which has multiple advantages versus treating with bleach for the control of Legionella bacteria and other forms of biological growth. Some of those advantages include:Cooling Tower-In CITY-2A

  • A granular stabilized chlorinated isocyanurate
  • Easy to carry (lightweight) packaging vs. 5 gal. pails
  • Avoid nasty spills and clean-up
  • Safe & Easy Handling
  • Can ship NON-HAZARDOUS, UPS Ground
  • Available for Subregistration  and Private Labeling

Dichlor 56 Use Recommendations:

  • Dichlor 56 is most effective when used in conjunction w/ a quality non-oxidizer. Call us for a recommendation.
  • With the high levels of chlorine and subsequent residuals, a good chlorine resistant Azole Inhibitor is needed – Wincom’s Wintrol 38Na, “The Copper Bullet” fits this need.

Dichlor 56 Versus Bleach

You’ll find a comparison table that helps describe more of the benefits of using Dichlor 56.

Dichlor 56 Vs Bleach Table.fw

Product Packaging Wt./Unit (lbs) Units/Pallet
Dichlor 56 Pail 50 24 pails
Dichlor 56 Pail 25 48 pails
Dichlor 56 4 – 10# pls/case 40 32 cases
Dichlor 56 8 – 5# pls/case 40 24 cases
Dichlor 56 12 – 2# Bottles/case 24 60 cases
Dichlor 56 12 – 1# Bags/case 12 112 cases

If you have an Open Recirculating Cooling Water System, call us today to discuss how we can help you treat your system. Order today!

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